October 12, 2015

Resepi Sotong Telur Masin

  • sotong
  • telur masin
  • tepung kentucky
  • telur ayam
  • minyak masak
  • mentega
  • cili api
  • daun kari

1.     Bersihkan sotong. Kemudian, celupkan sotong ke dalam telur ayam yang telah dipukul. Setelah itu, gaulkan sotong yg telah dicelup dengan tepung kentucky.
2.     Panaskan minyak. Goreng sotong tadi. Sementara itu, rebus telur masin. Angkat sotong setelah agak masak.
3.     Asingkan putih dan oren telur masin. Lenyekkan oren telur masin.
4.     Panaskan kuali. Cairkan mentega. 
5.     Masukkan oren telur masin sahaja.
6.     Setelah berbuih, masukkan sotong tadi. Gaul rata
7.     Masukkan cili api dan daun kari. Gaul sebentar.
8.     Tutup api. Siap untuk dimakan.

September 2, 2015


Hye ya,
sorry is what I want to say
I don’t want to wait any longer
Far from now, at the very end, to say it
So that even in this painful period of time

We’ll still be able to laugh
Creating new happy memories for us to remember

Hye ya,
You told me before didn’t you

You only love me as a good friend
And remain beside me forever as a best friend
Don’t say those words to me ever again
To you it may sound light
But to me, weigh heavy
My feelings must have given you a hard time
I’ll step back a bit, I’ll wait
So that you’ll be comfortable
I’ll be standing from far away 
I’m begging you like this
Hye ya,
Why are you trying to leave
With your smiling eyes,
and cruelly saying goodbye
Killing me by suffocating me
The happiness I get from the melody
Is still too brilliant
Please don’t leave me
Don’t abandon me
I don’t want to live
What should I do
Without you in my life
It’s better to act like I don’t know
Because like this the sadness is driving me insane

Hye ya,
Why are you trying to leave me
With those easy words, ‘goodbye’
Making me feel reproachful at your departure
Oh, I’m begging you

Don’t go hye ya

by Jonghyun SHINEE

July 12, 2015

Flowers That Bloom When Shaken by Do Jong-hwan

“Where is the flower that blooms without shaking?
Any of the beautiful flowers of this world
all bloom while being shaken
They shake on stems that grow upright
Where is the love that goes without shaking?
Where is the flower that blooms without being soaked?
Any of the shining flowers of this world
bloom as they are soaked
Soaked by wind and rain, petals bloom warmly
Where is the life that goes without being soaked?”
-Flowers That Bloom When Shaken by Do Jong-hwan-
(school 2013)

January 15, 2015


             "Inside a room isolated 
               from the summer heat, 
              I feel bliss 
               upon hearing your words"

            "Will I ever turn 
              the corner and find you?
             I can only wait for 
              a dream or a miracle."   -google-